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Paved Mag Issue 2



Paved Magazine issue 2 is out with a photo I took at San Rafael Twilight on the cover. Paved is a great mag, especially if you like cycling photos, so buy a copy!

VeloNews Race & Ride Guide



Cover by yours truly.

Procycling February 2010


Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010 Procycling Feb 2010

I got eleven photos in the most recent issue of Procycling, in both the Joe Parkin interview and a Levi's Gran Fondo article. The Joe Parkin interview was especially fun -- it's not often that I get to shoot less than a mile from my house at the local coffee shop. If I screwed that up I would be packing my camera bags up for good.

It's a bit of a surprise -- I knew I had been picked up in two articles, but I didn't expect them to be in the same issue. It's harder for my work to appear across the pond due to my more limited time commitments, so this is a nice way of ending the dry spell.

It wouldn't have been possible without some American writers pointing out my work. Thanks Gary Boulanger and Jason Sumner!

I just finished reading Joe Parkin's A Dog in a Hat, from VeloPress. I highly recommend it as a semi-dark, yet funny and unsentimental look at being an American bike racer in Belgium in the 80s. I meant to write up a full review of it, but this will have to do until time frees up.

Tour of California Tearsheets


Road Bike Action Tearsheets

Road Bike Action Tearsheets

Road Bike Action Tearsheets Road Bike Action Tearsheets

Road Bike Action Tearsheets

My Tour of California shots made it into two issues of Road Bike Action. Several of my shots ran in the Tour of California gallery in the June issue (gallery includes photos from both me and Bettini), along with a Table of Contents spread. They also ran a shot of Vanderkitten's Jenn Reither at the Tour of California Women's Crit in the July issue, which also features a special on cycling for women.

RBA Jan/Feb 09 Armstrong



This one is actually from the previous issue but I forgot to post it. You should be seeing a lot more Lance photos here soon enough. Thien pointed out to me that I am now officially a "Contributing Photographer" to Road BIke Action (an upgrade from occasional freelancer), which I was honored to see. You should pick up the current issue because Bay Area photographer Larry Rosa has a sweet 2-pager "Last Shot."

New Road Bike Action Issue, Web site




RBA9.tdg08.Brasstown.Lowe.Levi.jpgThe latest Road Bike Action is out just in time for the Tour de France with plenty of predictions from race and industry experts -- Bob Roll, Kozo Shimano, Jonathan Vaughters, Steve Hed, Fausto Pinarello, Michael Zellman of SRAM, Ming Tan of Look and so on. With Cadel Evans featured on the cover, you can probably guess who the popular pick is, but there were some unorthodox choices as well.

Road Bike Action has also launched, which fills in the two month gap between issues. There's a lot of Tour de France bike articles going on right now as well as a daily Bobke column.

Hubris requires that I point you to the Brasstown Bald article, which features two of the photos you see here. The common -- but unsubstantiated -- rumor right now is that there will be no more Tour de Georgia's, so you may want to read up on one of the US's most (in)famous climbs. The two-page spread of Siutsou looking back at Levi and Lowe was made possible by a 300mm lens lent to me by Paul of Vero Image. I got lucky with the timing: a High Road fan jumped out to run alongside Siutsou as he looked back at Levi, who's gritting his teeth in his Captain America kit. The 300mm really makes sure you can catch moments like this. I'm pretty sure a monkey with two broken hands could take a good shot with that lens.

I also got the Last Shot with a photo of Hincapie drafting off the team car to get back on the paceline during the Road Atlanta warmups. It was my first time on moto -- I had probably been on the bike less than five minutes -- so I was glad I got anything usable there. Even on the smooth race course it was hard to hold my camera still.

Road Bike Action - Portfolio

I was happy to see this photo get the "Last Shot" honors for the issue -- I spent a whole lotta reel on a whole lotta riders trying to get the exact composition I wanted. As a freelancer for Road Bike Action, I know that I only need to take one good photo a stage -- this is a lot nicer than having to work for a team, where I have to have a gallery's worth of photos, all of riders from one team.

I setup on this corner early in the stage to see if this could be it. There were three basic things I wanted to tie together: the windmill, the tree, and a rider perfectly leaning with the curve of the road. If there were 100 more riders, I probably would have taken 100 more takes, but I needed to start shooting riders' faces instead of behinds as the rider order got higher and higher in the standings.

Road Bike Action - Portfolio

This was a painful shot to take, mostly due to poor planning on my part. I saw a tree up on Trinity Grade and figured it would be the vantage point that would get me the most fan ambiance. I tapped a fan on the shoulder to ask for help getting up the tree -- lo and behold, it was Levi's dad, who made sure I didn't crack a lens (or worse) as I climbed up. I enjoyed chatting with him while up in that tree as well as at the Tour de Georgia.

About twenty minutes later the error in my planning became evident -- the riders weren't going to show up for another half hour, and my thighs were starting to burn. I debated climbing down, but despite skipping Al's core conditioning classes, I somehow thought I had it in me to stay up there. I leaned down in a TT-like position to use my arms to support my weight, but that only made my shoulders hurt as well. By the time Nydam charged up the hill my legs were shaking and my arms were tired, but you don't need much strength to push a shutter button.

Road Bike Action - PortfolioThe last shot I got in the issue was of the Governator and Cipollini, the meeting of their glamorous personalities. I try to remember not to get too bored with podium shots because they're easier to get published. It's pretty easy to pay attention, though, when those two are on stage.




Every issue of RBA that comes out is happy little surprise for me. Some more of my Levi shots get to see print, including the bottom right one, which is one of my favorites.

RBA 5 (and 3)



RBA5.Bruyneel1.web.jpg RBA5.Bruyneel2.web.jpg RBA5.Slipstream.web.jpg RBA3.Horner.web.jpg

Road Bike Action issue 5 came as a pleasant surprise to me. After the Tour of Missouri I thought they were only going to pick up one image: the two-page rear spread up top. They ended up picking up three more, one for a Slipstream article and two for a Johan Bruyneel article. To round out the images above, I included a photo of mine from RBA #3 that I never posted about before.

Three photos


I just got my copy of the next issue of and I'm happy to say that I have three photos in the issue: cover, table of contents (T-Mobile bikes), and a small photo (Levi Crash) in the Bob Roll Tour of California summary. The memory is fuzzy, but I probably did a little jig when I opened the envelope with the magazine.

FYI: I'm also credited with a photo I didn't take, but that's another story.

Oh yeah, make sure you buy a copy ;)