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Things I Like: Democracy


Democracy: Internet TVI was going to include the Democracy video player on the list of things I really liked about moving to OS X, and then I found out that it's actually been available for Windows as well. It looks and acts like an OS X application, so I guess I can continue to lump it into that category.

I've complained about video podcast playback in iTunes before, but I haven't been able to be that constructive about it. I know that it wasn't working for me, but I couldn't describe what would be better. Democracy is what is better.

Everything about the application made sense to me. It was really easy to subscribe to vodcasts, and it was really easy to download videos I had uploaded to Youtube and Google -- double bonus. Simple to discover, find, download, and watch -- that's pretty darn good.

Reality Vlog Drama


rocketboomAmanda Congdon leaves Rocketboom. Or was she fired? Andrew Baron, 51% owner of Rocketboom, claims Congdon was leaving for other opportunities in LA. Amanda, 49% owner of Rocketboom, claims she was moving to LA to work on Rocketboom and is now stuck living in her parents' home in Connecticut. And there is fighting over whether or not Amanda owns that 49%. At the heart of it all seems to be who is in control of the actual production of Rocketboom. Watch Amanda Congdon's farewell video. The New York Times writes about it all.

Whether or not you like Rocketboom, it was a leading pioneer in the video blogging space with 250,000 daily readers, a partnership with TiVo (the very first TiVoCast), and a creative business model that sold ads on eBay for as much as $40,000 (and more recently reported ad deals of $80,000). They also were pioneers of the medium, honing an HD editing setup that reportedly only cost them $20 an episode and utilitizing features of QuickTime like chapters and links to create a more Web-like feel to the video. They weren't inventors of the space: much like the content of their show they were part of an overall experimentation within the space that learned from each other, but they were pioneers.

Baron claims to be continuing Rocketboom (sans-Congdon) starting next week, but this seems to me to be a fatal misunderstanding of the medium by Baron -- odd given how much he helped shape it. Rocketboom is not like NBC Nightly News, where you hand over the anchor position. It's more like Larry King Live without a CNN, because stick Amanda Congdon in front of a camera, post the result anywhere online, and you have the next Rocketboom. There is much that goes on behind the camera, but to Internet viewers who have no trouble updating their browser links, the brand goes where Congdon goes, even if the production and nascent business development do not. Jason Calcanis of Weblogs Inc has already offered Congdon a position at Netscape for whatever salary she wants whereever she wants, and there are certainly plenty of other offers eager to pickup Rocketboom's 250,000 strong audience.



TiVo has announced the launch of TiVoCast, which is the same thing as vodcasts (video podcasts), except that TiVo has signed deals with specific content providers such as the NBA, New York Times, CNET, and iVillage. I've been subscribing to RocketBoom on my TiVo for six months now in the hopes that a launch like this would come about, though I am of mixed impressions on the specifics. TiVo seems to be taking the approach where they select the vodcasts that you get to view and those get added to the TiVo Showcase. What the announcement leaves out, though, is any mention of the thousands of other vodcasts on the Internet. I want my Strongbad E-mails and my NOVA!

DARPA Grand Challenge on PBS


NOVA aired a special called The Great Robot Race covering the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. If you missed it, PBS has been kind enough to post the entire program online -- sweet.

NOVA also has one of my favorite video podcasts. Recently, they've been airing amusing mini-programs from the DARPA Grand Challenge. Great stuff for people who short attention spans like me that want our stories in 2-3 minute chunks.

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Rocketboom on TiVo


rocketboomWhen I first found out about Rocketboom (their Firefox or Internet Explorer video), I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to automatically download their video content and get it onto my PSP. The two videolog programs I tried, FireAnt and Videora, both crapped out when I tried to get them to convert the video into PSP format. They both also had many other small, annoying errors that made the effort exceed the value of the content -- I'm not going to spend 10 minutes downloading 4 minute videos. So I gave up.

Now that Rocketboom is on TiVo, I'm back on the wagon. It appears on my Now Playing list, no stupid error messages, no maintenance time required. I initially subscribed to support the general idea of being able to download video off the Internet, but Rocketboom itself has some gems. Granted, I think it's still hit or miss. Monday through Thursday is generally done in a mock news format that I can best describe as four minutes worth of Moment of Zen clips from the Internet. "Casual Friday" rounds out the week and is my favorite. No news, usually their own cheap music video.

I'm still going through the archives online, but the favorites I've marked so far are:

All of the videos come with links to the source footage if you want to know what you just saw.

USC 52, Oregon State 28

No. 2 USC beat Oregon State 52-28, and No. 1 Oklahoma lost to Kansas State, yet, according to BCS predictions, because of a Notre Dame loss, USC will rise to No. 1 in the polls but drop to No. 3 in the BCS and be shutout of a national title bid. If that's confusing, it's because it doesn't make sense. BCS sucks.