Boggs III (part 1)

Zoom Fun - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Mad Cat - (c) Ken Conley Breakaway Bikes - (c) Ken Conley

Zoom Fun - (c) Ken Conley Zoom Fun - (c) Ken Conley Zoom Fun - (c) Ken Conley

Boggs III Photo Gallery

Boggs III is an 8-hour MTB endurance affair up on Cobb Mountain, north of Calistoga. It takes place in a pine-needly forest that reminds me a lot of being back on the east coast.

It was my first time mountain biking in probably five years and my first time riding a full suspension, so needless to say I had a blast -- even with 20 pounds of camera gear on my back. Boggs III is a fun ideal of a MTB event: a bunch of people camping in the middle of a forest with live music, dogs running around, and kegs of New Belgium.

I took hundreds of photos of standard portraits, but as I and the riders got more tired, I started throwing in some ridonkulous slow-shutter-zoom shots that you see featured above. Fun, though you waste about half your reel. I'll have about another hundred photos to upload tonight from my wide-angle lens. Nothing as fun as you see above; mostly a bunch of panning shots.

Unfortunately I just found out that my friend Carl who lent me the bike was seriously injured, so I hope that his recovery goes well. He's the nicest person I met at the Tour of California and the type who has no trouble or hesitation stepping into whatever role is needed, so it sucks to see him injured while taking photos and video to help promote the race.

Boggs III Photo Gallery

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