Laguna Sand-a

As it turns out, I took close to 800 photos at the World 24 Solo and Team championships. While I figure out how I'm going to slog through that, there were two photos in particular I wanted to share.

There is a short uphill climb on the course that is pretty much all sand and darn near impossible to do on a bike. I watched rider after rider from the non-elite category come through. Some would get halfway up before getting off the bike. Others would jump off immediately and push their bikes, pleading with their eyes for me not to take a photo of this. I was surprised to hear excuses and expressions of shame, as if you need to justify your actions to someone who's sitting on their butt while you're racing a 24-hour race. I would console them with the fact that I had yet to see anyone make it all the way to the top.

These riders might be interested, "how do the pros handle this?" Continue if you would like the answer.

Kelly Magelky Tinker Juarez

Kelly Magelky (left) and Tinker Juarez (right). At the time I left the raceway, they were running 1st and 2nd.

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Al Painter:

I remember that from the Sea Otter XC race, that part was terrible.

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