LGF Remix (Playing with Lightroom 3)

I purchased Lightroom 3 yesterday, so naturally I played around with some of the LGF photos that I had already processed. Most of the edits I did were things I could have accomplished in Lightroom 2, though 3 feels a little more 'responsive'. The main improvements are the much, much better noise reduction options, better post-crop vignette options, and grain additions. Also, you can now add an image watermark without having to install plugins. When I get more time, I'll play with the lens correction features.

When I edit my reel, I usually try to spend < 30 seconds per photo; because I was playing with LR3 I got to pull a little more out of these photos than usual, so I thought I'd share the remixes.

Down - (c) Ken Conley
Kings Ridge Tree - (c) Ken Conley
Kings Ridge - (c) Ken Conley
To the coast - (c) Ken Conley

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