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Great photos. Now I'm really curious as to what CS settings you used on those.

Sure you can't come to Vegas and teach me?

kwc Author Profile Page:

I'll be in Vegas and can show you, though that particular photo was mostly due to the fact that I shot without flash. I believe that I drained the saturation on the yellow channel, but I'd have to reopen the image to figure it out.

Most of my settings are pretty consistent:

1. Fix the levels using exposure
2. Set black level between 7-25
3. Fix the highlights using recovery, repeating #1 if necessary
4. Bring up the fill light as much as necessary, reducing blacks if necessary
5. Set saturation ~7
6. Use gradients to burn the exposure as needed
7. Add sharpening if I remember
8. Done

On an image by image basis, I may experiment with selecting desaturating a channel, but I only do that for a couple of images.

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