Silicon Valley Style

I know many of you, like me, live in the Silicon Valley. For those that don't, I share these stories of the local bike culture:

Scene 1, Menlo Park

The tired student pulls up to a traffic light, done with her day of school. A sweatshirt, jeans, and backpack are good enough commute attire for her, especially now that the weather has gotten a bit cold. As the traffic light turns green, she curls the ends of her sleeves around her fingers for extra warmth, grabs the handlebars, and accelerates... on her Cervelo P2C time trial bike.

Scene 2, Woodside

An older man pulls up to a group ride that stopped for a rest break at Roberts Market. He's breaking in his new bike and is wondering where he can find out about group rides in the area. They chitchat a bit until he expresses some concern about his new steed.

"Are these any good?"

He's pointing to the SRAM Red components on his bike -- a carbon fiber Ibis Silk SL.

The riders assure him that the $2000 components are, in fact, top of the line, Tour de France-able. He's comforted that his wife had good taste when selecting the bike for him.

"Is it light?"

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Hah! Yep, that's Silicon Valley bike culture for you! I've seen the girl for sure in Menlo and I've certainly seen Mr Moneybag's doppleganger in this area.

You hit the nail squarely on the head!


I was there at scene 2. It was indeed a very 'odd' exchange, to say the least. Let me add that as our group headed out, the guy asked if he could tag along. To which we said "sure." As we got underway, he nearly took some of us out as has he trouble clipping in. He disappeared shortly thereafter.

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