Six-month-old Burlingame Crit photos

It only took me six months, but I've finally processed a set of Burlingame Criterium photos (30 photos). This was the first race that I shot with a Canon 30D, so it took some getting used to. The improved focusing of the 30D also allowed me to attempt some new shots, including some cornering close-ups.

I'm also testing out some new processing styles for my photos. I've gone high contrast + warming filter on most of these. I also tried a couple of soft-focus filters for grins, which are meant to hide the fact that many of the highlights are blown out I'll see what style I prefer come Tour of California time.

06-25 Burlingame Criterium-07


Burlingame Criterium-1 06-25 Burlingame Criterium-18 06-25 Burlingame Criterium-19

Soft-focus tests (post-production):

06-25 Burlingame Criterium-06 Burlingame Crit - Soft Focus-1

Cornering close-ups:

06-25 Burlingame Criterium-15 06-25 Burlingame Criterium-25 06-25 Burlingame Criterium-24

More Burlingame Criterium photos

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Crits are good for photography -- a lot of action up close, and it repeats again and again and again and again :-) If you go to one a copule of times you also know which turn to park at for the spectacular wrecks.


I like shooting at Crits as long as they're not in office parks (for the reasons you cited). It's nice to be able to practice the same shot over and over, but photos taken in office parks seem to always look like photos taken in office parks. Thankfully, this crit was in downtown Burlingame.

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