Upcoming cycling events (March/April)

I need some more pratice with the cycling photography so I'm going to try to make as many of these California cycling events as I can (Sea Otter, Menlo Park, Garrett Lemire). There are a lot of Velopromo events in the Fresno vicinity, but I don't think I'll be making that drive. I still can't figure out if the Specialized-sponsored Morgan Hill Grand Prix is going to happen this year. The San Jose Bicycle Club lists a Morgan Hill Criterium on April 2, but I find any event details (update: it appears that the Morgan Hill GP is 'delayed' for now).

Major events marked in bold.

March 24-26: Redlands Classic. Can't make it this year, but I will one of these years.

March 25: Orosi Road Race. Near Visalia, CA

March 26: Hanford Sentinel Criterium. Hanford, CA

April 1: Wards Ferry Road Race. Sonora, CA

April 2: Toulomne Township Criterum. Toulomne, CA

April 2: Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix in Ojai, CA. The chances are probably a little less this year that Armstrong will show up. Still debating the drive down to SoCal for this one.

April 6-9: Sea Otter Classic. Monterey, CA

April 9: Santa Cruz Criterium. Santa Cruz, CA

April 15: Menlo Park Grand Prix. Menlo Park, CA

April 18-23: Tour de Georgia. Georgia's near California, right? If only I wasn't using up all my vacation time in May.

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