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April 19, 2009

Tour of Turkey Crash

I've now seen this link at least three times, as probably have many of you. I'm mostly posting because of the odd way in which all the news summaries have skirted around the compelling part of the video, i.e. the fact that it looks like Theo Bos grabs Daryl Impey's jersey and tosses him into the barriers, taking down two other riders as well. Bos was getting close the barriers himself, but... well, you watch and judge.

First up, here's how CyclingNews' roundup dealed with it:

Theo Bos enjoys Turkish landscapes and road racing, Andy Schleck prevails despite brother's serious crash, Tour of Turkey champion seriously injured

The summary on the crash makes no mention of Bos, though the full articles does -- the preceding article appears to be unfortunate juxtaposition.

Next up, VeloNews' summary of the event:

It's no way to win a bike race -- Daryl Impey (Barloworld) took the overall title in the 45th Presidential Tour of Turkey on Sunday despite crashing heavily in the last kilometer of the final stage after contact with former track sprinter Theo Bos (Rabobank).

A later paragraph oddly starts off with reference to Theo Bos as "the rider"

In a statement on the Rabobank website, the rider denied deliberately hurling Impey to the tarmac. "I am sure that I only wanted him off. He threatened to come my way and I was already as good as in the fence."

The reader is left to deduce that 'contact' with Bos = later means getting hurled by Bos.

I find it funny in the same way that article about cyclists getting hit by cars sometimes use the "cyclist collided with car" phrasing in a maddening way that seems to equate objectivity with refusal to provide the reader some sense of judgement.