American Velodrome Challenge this weekend at Hellyer


I'll be at the American Velodrome Challenge this weekend, will you? They'll have the winner of the women's race at Nevada City Classic, Shelley Olds, plus the only rider tough enough to hang with Lance and Levi, Ben Jacques-Maynes. Then there's the rider who really showed he isn't scared of Lance by doing this, Roman Kilun.

I'm also flying doing to photograph the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix for some NRC action. We'll see if the recently re-promoted Rahsaan Bahati can continue his streak there. Hopefully Brooke Miller will be there as well to go for another win.

Sorry that things have been so quiet here for the past couple of months, but things are heating up again. I've been meaning to link to other people's cool stuff, like Lyne's Felt-Holowesko-Garmin Moustache Contest, Air Force Cycling Classic and Clarendon Cup.

And there's also this video from Carson Blume of Womens Cycling Mag that shows Shelley Olds lapping riders like nobody's business. And Hernando looks to NVGP, Nevada City, and Dairlyand for inspiration.

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Brooke and Tibco are doing Burlingame on the same day as MBGP. Woo hoo!

How's your leg healing up?

kwc Author Profile Page:

Sore, but walkable. Hopefully will be good enough to start riding again one of these days. Thanks for asking

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