Friday Night @ Hellyer

procIMG_1567 Shelley Olds, Celebrity Death Match

procIMG_1530 Daniel Holloway procIMG_1500 procIMG_4871

Shelley Olds Fro-nando Daniel Holloway

There was lots of fun as expected at Hellyer Velodrome on Friday Night. FresnOakland brought the beer, burgers and beats while Hernando brought the fro and PG-13 commentary. Also, plenty of fun cycling stuff, like watching ridiculous accelerations from VMG/Felt's U23 team Daniel Holloway, aka Mr. Pan-Am Silver, the Women's Celebrity Death Match Chariot Race, Dan Smith tear up the Master's scratch race, Shelley Olds dominate the women's field, and a match sprints that pitted Montano Velo vs. Montano Velo and Alto Velo vs. Alto Velo for the final Peterson/Gio showdown.

Plenty of good practice for the photos as you get every lighting condition from daytime through sunset to night lights.

Friday Night Hellyer Photos

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I've wondered for a while now -- what's the etiquette on using flash at night time track races?

kwc Author Profile Page:

Well, you can't take photos without it and even some of the riders take photos, so I've always assumed its within etiquette to use. You're not firing head-on in a track, so its probably more forgivable.

Joe Meyers:

When and where will the 2009 Friday Night Breakaway schedule be published? Google gives me nothing from this year for Hellyer.

kwc Author Profile Page:

I assume it will be at

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