Friday Night Hoedown at Hellyer

Friday Nights at Hellyer

Friday Nights at Hellyer

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Hoedown at Hellyer Hoedown at Hellyer

Last night was a Velogirls/La Dolce Velo sponsored Hoedown @ Hellyer. Hoedown + Velogirls + Hellyer = Hernando in a pink cowboy hat and Velogirls skinsuit. The Friday Night Series keeps getting bigger and bigger -- gotta get there early if you want the tasty food.

I went to great lengths to not take the same photos I took last week.This meant turning off my flash a bunch, less work with the telephoto, incorporating more of the track into my photos, and holding my camera upside down on occasion so that the flash would bounce off the track (example 1, example 2). It took some adjusting to fire with the left hand while zooming with the right, but it seemed to intensify the streak-effect in the non-focal area of the image.

Hoedown @ Hellyer Photos

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looks like a cool scene

not my scene

but a cool scene just the same

and those are some really cool photographs

kwc Author Profile Page:

One track session was enough to tell me that it's not my style of biking, but free beer and food plus hoopla is fun.

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