Playing with a new light setup



Sputnik-5I just got a new Manfrotto Nano Black stand with flash clamp and white umbrella in the mail. I usually rent my light setups, but it's kinda nice just to back the car out of the garage, throw up some black sheets, and go crazy. I'm hoping I can strap the stand to my pack and take it out to the track, though I think I may need some sandbags to ensure the riders' safety as the Nano is a pretty dainty stand.

As for the photos, I'm pretty happy with the results, though I'll say that I much prefer working with softboxes instead of umbrellas, mostly for the sake of my eyes -- umbrellas scatter a lot more light, so I find that my eyes are much more tired after an umbrella shoot.

There's a lot you can do with just one light, but now I think I'm going to another light stand so I can go crazy and also start throwing on some gels for even more interesting results.

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