Rider height vs. weight


As I've been riding more and more I've been much more aware of my weight, in particular, the weight that keeps me at the bottom rather than the top of the hill. I have no intention of trying to lose weight -- I siimply love pigging out too much -- but this chart (from CyclingNews contributor Scott Saifer) is a useful approximation of whether I should be sticking to the hills or to the flats (right now: flats). It comes with all the normal caveats: there are many more factors than just height that factor into weight, you should talk to a doctor to get a more specific figure for yourself, etc...

One other interesting weight fact I learned: you won't lose any weight when you first start intense training; your tissues start caring more blood, so any fat burn loss is displaced by other gains in weight at the start of training.

Rider weights

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How could I stick to flats, weighing as much as I do? Sure, climbs are hard as hell, but all that weight really pays off once you get going down the far side of a hill!