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James and Richard have both taken the Wordpress plunge from blogger. Richard's URL is still the same -- -- but James now has the nicer location. Hey, and Richard's site uses a logo designed by moi, so you have checkout the new design, and James is getting two-page spreads in Road Bike Action, so you'll have to visit his site regularly and tell us who has the better shot ;).

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Thanks for the link!

I don't think there is really any question about who has the best shots in RBA (hint: it is NOT me). I am going to keep working at it though...race photography is definitely addictive.

Thanks for the link love, Ken.

But man, I just looked at my site through IE and it looks HORRIBLE. Talking with somebody who knows something about WP and Themes and he has some ideas for me.


IE? What's IE? ;)

Ha, ha. I am having some issues with IE too. As much as I would like to just ignore it, about 25% of the visitors to my site still use it. I am not sure exactly why anyone would do such a thing, but I guess they don't know any better.

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