Pescadero Road Race 2007

Pescadero Road Race 2007 (94)

Stage Road


Pescadero Road Race is a fun race to shoot as (1) it's not an office park crit (2) there be lots of scenic country and (3) there are multiple laps. My assignment for myself this time around was to break in my new equipment: my 580EXII flash, and 16-35mm II haven't justified themselves yet, and my Photoshop CS3 prize was still waiting to be unwrapped.

Former USPS rider Dylan Casey rode the M35+ race and won the final sprint, except he got relegated for crossing the yellow line into oncoming traffic. Crossing the yellow line in front of the judges table wasn't a problem in the Pro 1/2 Men's race: second place Chris Lieto flatted and MTB Pro Barry Wicks was able to coast across the finish line with arms raised in victory.

Sarah Bamberger of Cheerwine took the victory in the Elite 1/2 Women's race.

Pescadero Road Race 2007 (427) Pescadero Road Race 2007 (487)

Official Race Results

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barry wicks winning gap of 3 seconds is considered "large"? lieto has a flat tire in the photos!


@anonymous: Why does a flat tire matter for what I wrote? I believe what you're ragging at is perhaps a poorly written juxtaposition. Wicks strolled across the finish line, sitting up well before the finish. Casey cut across the yellow line right in front of the judge's stand. Given that Casey's relegation was mildly controversial (but reasonable), I felt like comparing the two. If it makes you happy, I've edited 'large gap' to 'larger gap' to make the comparison more explicit.

hey there, great pictures! i hope its ok to use one of your images on our blog, i will remove it if not, thanks, nicola
PROMAN Women's Team


The anon comment I made had nothing to do with the comment about Casey's winning gap. Your reference of "larger" or "large" seems like you're talking about Wicks gap over 2nd place, which I believe was a Cal Giant rider Lieto, riding in on a flat tire a mere 3 seconds behind Wicks.
Appreciate the pics but why the attitude?

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