Kristin Armstrong Gold!

Thumbnail image for BeijingOlympics.jpgShe's unbeatable on US soil and now she's crushed the field in China as well. Idaho powerhouse Kristin Armstrong, who took commanding victories at Cascades, the Nature Valley Grand Prix, and the Exeter TT, can now add a decisive gold medal to her tally as she won by nearly a half minute over the UK's Emma Pooley and Switzerland's Karin Thurig.

Emma Pooley seemed to set an unbeatable mark early in the day that others were minutes behind. Even Armstrong, who was busy passing Spain's Marta Vilajosana, couldn't best Pooley's time at the first split, but the race started to turn as towards the end of the opening climb. Armstrong was four seconds ahead at the top and powered on the descent to catch yet another rider in the sprint to the finish. Armstrong thanked many for her victory, including Cervelo for helping keep her equipment light for the climb, I suspect the legs have something to do with passing two riders on course and dominating the field.

France's 49-year-old cycling Queen Jeannie Longo was impressive in fourth, just two seconds off the podium. American (and Palo Alto native) Christine Thorburn also put in a good time to finish fifth another two seconds back. Both held close at the first time check, but the uphill finish seemed to just keep them out of contention.

Defending World Time Trial Champion Hanka Kupfernagel was distraught at the finish. The hot and humid Beijing conditions seemed a bit too much for her as she finished in 12th.

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