Back from Georgia

Chalking Brasstown

James of Bicycle Design sent me the above photo of me chalking Brasstown Bald. I got to meet a lot of great people in Georgia, including James, and as always is the case with these larger events, I had a lot of talented people to learn from. There are many thanks to give out, and I know I'll miss a few, but here goes:

  • Paul and Mario, for the company, food, beer, tips, and 300mm loaner -- many, many thanks
  • Casey and Jono, for endless useful advice
  • Mitch, for looking out for me
  • Katrina, for twice putting up with me handing her a camera and getting me the photos I wanted
  • Mark, who saved me on Stage 7 with batteries for my flash
  • Lyne, who helped me with my pre-race preparation enough to get me confident enough to go solo
  • Thien, for being crazy enough to host my midnight ramblings on RoadBikeReview
  • James, Fritz and Steve, for the traffic love

I'm still planning out the next big race to go to. The USA Cycling Pro Championships is a high likelihood; the Tour of Missouri looks very unlikely this year, mainly due to the timing of it all.

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Something in Europe, man. :-) That's where you oughta go. See if Thien will pay for the plane tix.


Ha! I wish :)


So what name were you chalking up?

kwc Author Profile Page:

A place, actually. One of the roadside spectators was asking people to chalk their states. California was already there with LA, SD, and RPD next to it, so I chalked a big "SF!" next to it.

I'd say the road was dominated by DZ's and Let Levi Rides.

Don't believe Ken's "SF" story, he was chalking "" on the road every chance he got (kidding of course).

Ken, I hope you can make it to Greenville this fall for the US Pro races.


@James: I was trying to conserve business cards. They get expensive ;). I hope I can make Greenville as well. It should be easier given the Labor Day weekend.

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