Bikes at Work

Bikes at work

I counted 20+ bikes at work today. We have less than 40 people in our company, though quite a few of them are car-less interns. Nevertheless, that seems like a pretty good ratio -- you can also throw in 4 carpoolers, one electric vehicle, one biodiesel, and one pedestrian.

We finally reached a critical point that we've had a bike rack installed outside to handle the overflow. There are 4 bikes that our company provides as communal bikes for riding into downtown Palo Alto or elsewhere during the day and they are also being co-opted for commuting to and from work.

There's also now enough roadies at work that we're starting to do weekly rides up Old la Honda and back for lunch.

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You're still at that place by Willow Rd, right?

Lunch time from MPK to OLH -- I might have to join you some time. What days do you go?


That's the place.

It looks like Wednesday is the day, though last week's ride was a no-go. I'll try and keep you in the loop. This week I may have to take a bye as my knee may be acting up.


At our workplace, we've come to realize that it's now how many bikes but how many showers are available at work that matters.

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