Blurbing a Book

It's usually terrible to pre-announce your intent to do something, rather than waiting until you actually finish it, but here goes: I'm putting together a little coffee table photo book using (alternate recommendations welcome). The current plan is about:

  • 3 pages ToC 2007
  • 2 pages Missouri 2007
  • 5 pages ToC 2008
  • 6 pages TdG 2008
  • 2 pages Lance @ CrossVegas
  • 6 pages of women's cycling
  • 3 pages Hellyer Velodrome
  • 10 pages ToC 2009

If there's any photos you'd like to see in it, speak now.

I spent several hours on it last night and their tools got me 80% of the way there. I'm not planning on writing much text, except where necessary to fill in white space created by Blurb's limited layouts ;). @kevinr already gave me some pointers on how to use InDesign to get around some of Blurb's limitations. I imagine that the majority of my time will be spent on the two or three pages I want done just right.

If you're interested in a copy, please let me know, as well as whether or not you're interested in softcover versus hardcover. Pricing will be based on how many I can get printed, but realistically about $30-40 for softcover and $45-55 for hardcover (Blurb's price chart). I'm making these more as a personal project. I'd have to charge way to much to make money with Blurb's base prices, so I'll just try and cover the cost of making the proof copy. If you've donated before and want a copy, I'll try and figure out how to get you a copy with the donation applied against it.

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I've been trying to figure this out myself - and it seems that the only two real options are Lulu and Blurb. Lulu uses pdfs but some people aren't happy with the print quality...and Blurb can be very persnickety. I just wish there was a way I could put page numbers on full bleed pages. Ughh. Best of luck - can't wait to see it.

I might buy one to give away. Looking forward to seeing this!

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