Climbing tips

I made it Old La Honda for the second time on Wednesday. To put it in perspective, I think most of the riders I meet on the road seem to have done the cilmb two times this week, but I digress. This time I had Dan Smith of Sportvelo briefly by my side to offer some tips. As I watched Dan and Al climb further and further away, I tried to remember this advice:

  • tense the abs (just a bit, not too tight). It will help out your back.
  • squeeze your butt cheeks. It will make sure you get some of your other leg muscles involved.

He also recommended doing the climb in intervals of sittings/standing: 1:30 sitting followed by 0:30 standing. When you stand, shift one gear up into a harder gear and back down again when you sit. With the way Old La Honda is sloped, you won't be able to follow it perfectly, but it will make the climb go by faster mentally and it will make sure that you are using different muscle groups along the way.

I believe Dan's best time from bottom to top is around 16 minutes. I'm still at 27:30, with a brief break in the middle.

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