First time trial, 2-man time trial

Al and I competed in our first two-man time trial today -- also our first time trial. It wasn't a race as much as a fundraiser called Beat the Clock & Help Beat Cancer, which raises funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

There were many things that were amusing about our entry into the event. Al had four-five hours of sleep; I had one. My legs were shot from moving my stuff and cleaning all week. Neither of us had ever done a time trial before nor practiced a two-man TT. We only had 15 minutes to warmup because we were late getting to the course. Nevertheless, despite all of our inexperience and deficiencies, the start order somehow had Al and I starting immediately after National Champion and Olympian Christine Thorburn. Thorburn started only a minute ahead of us, so part of me hoped that we could keep her in sight for the earlier part of the course, but of course not. We didn't see her again until she passed us going back on the return route, easily many, many minutes ahead of us by that point.

We weren't terrible: we were only passed twice and managed to beat our goal of 30 minutes with a time of 29:22 (~20.5 mph). I got a bit fooled by a Team in Training event also being held on Caņada Road and sprinted for what turned out to be the wrong finish line -- my legs popped after that and I wasn't much use for the remainder. I think with a bit more sleep and experience we might actually be respectably bad.

My final observation is one I failed to properly understand during the race: when you are doing a out-and-back course and the first half of the course is downhill, that means the second half of the course is uphill.

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