Gauging interest

I face the same basic decision almost every weekend: I could either go out and shoot some photos, or I've been kicking around the idea of doing something with my photos, like making a Tour of California poster (4-8 image montage) or a softcover book. They book or poster would probably be in the $15-25 price range based on what I've seen with online printing sites.

So, feel free to e-mail/comment to answer to: Should I take more photos, or should I make a poster, or should I make a book?

A vote for a poster/book isn't a commitment to buy, but it would help if it were ;)

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your photo's have gotten so good over the last year or two that i've been keeping an eye on your blog that i would seriously consider picking up anything like a poster or book. i know that doesnt help you pick, but just more incentive to do either :)

...seriously consider it if it wasnt a billion dollars like the sun microsystems jersey!

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