Hellyer Velodrome Practice

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Today was my first day at the track, both behind the camera and on the fixie. I definitely forgot to keep pedaling several times, but luckily -- for me and the rider behind me -- I stayed upright. Pounding around in the drops lap after lap is kinda hard on the body, I have to say, but fun for the speed.

As for the photos, I tried all sorts of stupid camera tricks (pans, zoom pans, slow sync flash) to see what sort of variation I could bring. About 90% of it ended up as blurry junk. Track is even easier than short track MTB in terms of shooting difficulty, but you have to push a lot harder to make it interesting. Hellyer Velodrome is outdoors so I couldn't get that quintessential night blur effect that you see in shot after shot coming out of the World's right now. I could imagine taking some fun shots during the night sessions.

Hellyer Velodrome Practice Gallery

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