I don't call it "spare cycles" for nothin'


I'm leave for Hawaii on Sunday for a week so coverage will be especially spare. I've been meaning to write something about the Beat the Clock TT, where I shot some photos for SportVelo's 'Contre la Montre' TT camp, but things have been a bit too hectic.

The photos are not my best. For starters, most aren't processed, but I was also trying to see how well the middle AF sensor on my 30D performs. I almost never use the middle sensor as it leads to bad framings, but I wanted to test its double accuracy. Perhaps it performed better, but all the photos of cyclists sans feet are enough to make me go back to my preferred AF sensors.

Earlier in the day I also tried to take some shots of the riders with the sunrise in their face. Some kits took this well, the whiter ones did not.

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I love this shot with the lens flares.

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