Indoor Peloton


SportVelo and LATS are offering an indoor peloton class for those like me whose legs fail to function in inclement weather. Bring your own trainer and bike and setup a spot -- its a lot more entertaining than cycling to Tour de France tapes by yourself. I took some photos of the inaugural class several weeks ago -- it was really just an excuse to hide how out of shape I am by taking photos instead of pedaling.

  • Cost: $10 for a prepaid set of 5 sessions, $20 for drop ins
  • When: Every Tue night through February
  • Time: 6:30–7:30pm
  • Where: Los Altos Training Studio, 955 Fremont Ave in Los Altos. LATS is directly across the street from the Bicycle Outfitter

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I attended for the first time yesterday and had a good time. Love those one-legged drills. If you were there, I was the guy w/ the shaved head and toothpicks for legs and arms.


I got stuck at working preparing a demo for later this week. I'll look for you next time (I'll probably be the one with a camera, attempting to slack off).

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