My contest submissions

As I slowly still work my way through my Sea Otter Classic photos, I've managed to choose two to submit to the VeloNews Sea Otter Photo Contest:

Levi descends Matty Rice

Levi is, of course, Levi, and Matty Rice showed he was the Most Tasmanian by winning the race.

This photo of Leipheimer and Menzies nearly made the pick, but I had to drop it due to focus issues:

Menzies and Leipheimer through The Corkscrew

Having to choose two and only two photos from the Sea Otter Classic is a bit unfair. With such a variety of events going on, do you submit two road race photos, two mountain bike photos, one of each? Do you choose the gimmick shot, the crash shot, or the pro MTB rider?

I ended up choosing two photos from the pro men's road race because I figured it was my strength and there were far more cameras out on the MTB dual slalom course shooting shots of people crashing into the mud. I don't think I stand a chance of winning, but I am happy nevertheless and Sea Otter was a great time even if I have a tan line across my forehead now. I may have to leave my camera behind for a day next year just so I can fully participate in all the fun.

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