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bike crash sign

I had my first bike accident in about seven years this week -- a solo accident, as many are, but also very minor. I have a bruised elbow and my front tire won't spin until it is trued, but I feel more stupid than hurt. I described this incident to my boss' boss:

I will strongly recommend that it is not wise to practice your cornering skills in the parking lot at night in order to keep yourself warm while waiting for a ride. As you pass through one of the dark corners and feel your pedal hitting curb, you realize that a smarter person would have just waited inside.

I wasn't going to post about this, but then I saw the great image above in Fritz' post on a Bicycle crash photo contest, and I decided that posting was inevitable.

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I disagree. I find late-night, mid-street drunken-trackstand practice the perfect activity while waiting for a car. When you fall down, you don't have to ride home hurting because your ride is already on the way!


True words of wisdom; I shall take them to heart. I guess if you're going to have an accident, it's good to know help is one the way, especially when you discover that your front wheel is no longer turning.

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