Red, Red Wine

I was stupid enough to bike home last night at 9pm with 4 bottles of wine in my backpack and no front light. I should have learned my lesson by now as my last night-riding attempt cost me a new set of rims.

I paid for it this time around when I hit a bump and my rear tube burst. I struggled for control of my bike had enough time to think, "oh please, not the wine!" I took most of the crash with my left side, but I could feel a wet drip from my backpack as I struggled to get back up. Amazingly, three of the four wine bottles survived intact. I had a chance to survey the rest of the damage when I got home -- my shorts were covered in a mixture of red wine and blood and my backpack was full of broken glass. I'm not quite sure which red stain I was more upset about, but it was probably the wine -- it was a nice Unti Barbera.

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