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This past weekend I participated in the SportVelo training camp, though my actual riding time was only about 1-2 hours (in comparison to the 16-20 hours everyone else did). My actual role was camp photographer, which gave me some good practice for the Tour of California next week.

The camp provided a couple of firsts for me as a cycling photographer: shooting in rain and shooting from a car. For all its challenges, rain produces some wonderfully dramatic shots. It was much easier to shoot people riding through rain than it was to deal with splash from rear wheels flying in my face when I rode on Sunday.

Shooting from a car wasn't quite the shooting-fish-in-a-barrel experience I thought it would be. Unlike standing alongside the road, lighting conditions on the road can vary second-by-second. If you driving along any of the climbs around here (e.g. Highway 9), this means that you can start framing your subject under direct sun, but by the time you get the shot, you can be in the shade again. It also takes some practice to frame your subjects and keep them in focus as you're trying not to fall out the window of the car. I didn't quite get the results I wanted from this, but I learned a lot for next time.

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