The hottest my bike will ever Look

My bike, not my wheels

I was shooting some bikes for Look, so we took the opportunity to play dress up with my bike as well. As you might have guessed, the Zipp 808s aren't mine, but whenever I want to make someone jealous, I can break out this photo and pretend that I left them at home. I could have shot them with Lightweights instead, but I happen to think that Zipps look far cooler.

I'm still learning the whole studio lighting thing. We used two Pro Foto Acute 2Rs with softboxes, black bed sheets, a garage door, and some custom hangers I made out of fishing line and rope. I should have used a backlight to better define things, but I didn't have an extra remote to trigger another light. Also, a note when you're using fishing line to hold the bike because you think it will be easy to Photoshop out: it's not, so try your best to keep it from crossing any part of the bike.

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The photo and bike looks great!
The wheels are cool to - the writing makes them look as though they are already spinning.

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Thanks -- that's one of the reasons why I liked photographing with the Zipps better than Lightweights. The Zipp logo really pops with the white Look frame.


Hey Ken, any photos of your new bike w/ the Neuvation wheels?

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No studio ones, just build photos:

we were tired after shooting the other bikes, so I only had time to shoot with the Zipps.

Just say... oh these old things are my training wheels but the Zipps are my racing only wheels.

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