Treat your butt a new Pro TI Specialized BG Saddle. I got one today and my butt already appreciates it. It's got a much better surface than the lower-end models, so I highly suggest shelling out the $80 to get a seat that can hold you on the bike, rather than make you feel like you're always sliding off.

Dr. Minkow who invented the BG line spoke at PARC several months back. His anecdotes were rather interesting. When he first got Specialized to manufacture the seat, they were fairly worried. Biking is very steeped in Italian tradition, so many racers who looked at the seat dismissed it immediately (and also were adamant in denying any problems).

Minkow credits good science with helping overcome early dismissal. With the help of a well-publicized Stanford study and promotional stunts (including having cigrette smoking, booze drinking, tow truck drivers compete in a famous grueling bike race), the seat began to get some favorable press. Now that all is said and done, Specialized BG seats with the Minkow wedge are now Specialized's most successful product ever, and now nearly every seat manufacturer has tried to copy the design.

Minkow is now working on an ergonomic handlebar. Not that interesting to me, but more power to him.

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