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My first cycling gallery installation is now in place though still a work in progress. My buddy Al is the proud new owner of Integrate Fitness in Mountain View (across from the San Antonio Shopping Center) and as part of his renovation of the place let me stick up 30+ photos. Its rather like a coffee shop installation, but a better fit for my work as Al is a cyclist and focuses on cycling clientèle, a lot of whom I have photos of from local events.

Its a fairly balanced collection in terms of clients and pros, road and mtb, male and female... though tipped a little more towards road because of the Beat the Clock series, where I've photographed most of his clients. There are also some scenics thrown in of sea turtles and Japan so that people are not constantly confronted with pictures of suffering. The plan is to rotate my collection of pro photos while expanding the photos of his clients and, of course, trying to sell a photo or two. But first I have to get the first series finished: five more prints arrived today to be framed and hung.

I've spent so much time staring at Flickr photosets over the year that I nearly forgot how much better the printed photo is. An LCD monitor cannot match the resolution or dynamic range of photos and so its enjoyable for me to see my work presented in a different -- and better -- way.

Integrate Fitness Gallery

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Congratulations on this, Ken!


Congrats! I hope Pirate and Ninja through a party for you.


So, I can't spell. I hope they threw you a party also.


Does a party count as them begging for attention? Because, if so, they throw parties all the time :).

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