Interbike Prep

2009 Catalog Vanderkitten TearsheetI'll be doing Interbike for the first time this year, so it's only fitting that it's become the biggest event on my calendar this year. All those Friday nights at Hellyer Velodrome and the SF Twilight Crit have been to tune up my flash work for Cross Vegas and the USA Crits Finals. The main event, though, is actually shooting the tradeshow. I'll be taking photos for the Virtual Tradeshow Booths on MTBR and RoadbikeReview. Needless to say, I've been stocking up on batteries as I've never had to shoot all day, then shoot a race. That's Vegas, Baby!

I also managed to land the cover of the Vanderkitten 2009 Clothing brochure, just in time for its Interbike debut. It's technically an apparel shot though I was actually concerned with framing the "LOVE YOU" on the handlebars well, which would make it a handlebar shot. But from the traffic stats I know it's neither.

There should be more work of an apparel nature appearing elsewhere soon, which stretched the limits of my sanity. That perhaps sounds too exciting, but I will just add that my only solution for figuring out how to shoot clothing was to drape it on a bike. I'm very limited as a photographer.

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Everybody always claims bikes are clothes hangers, after all.

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