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I was happy to see this photo get the "Last Shot" honors for the issue -- I spent a whole lotta reel on a whole lotta riders trying to get the exact composition I wanted. As a freelancer for Road Bike Action, I know that I only need to take one good photo a stage -- this is a lot nicer than having to work for a team, where I have to have a gallery's worth of photos, all of riders from one team.

I setup on this corner early in the stage to see if this could be it. There were three basic things I wanted to tie together: the windmill, the tree, and a rider perfectly leaning with the curve of the road. If there were 100 more riders, I probably would have taken 100 more takes, but I needed to start shooting riders' faces instead of behinds as the rider order got higher and higher in the standings.

Road Bike Action - Portfolio

This was a painful shot to take, mostly due to poor planning on my part. I saw a tree up on Trinity Grade and figured it would be the vantage point that would get me the most fan ambiance. I tapped a fan on the shoulder to ask for help getting up the tree -- lo and behold, it was Levi's dad, who made sure I didn't crack a lens (or worse) as I climbed up. I enjoyed chatting with him while up in that tree as well as at the Tour de Georgia.

About twenty minutes later the error in my planning became evident -- the riders weren't going to show up for another half hour, and my thighs were starting to burn. I debated climbing down, but despite skipping Al's core conditioning classes, I somehow thought I had it in me to stay up there. I leaned down in a TT-like position to use my arms to support my weight, but that only made my shoulders hurt as well. By the time Nydam charged up the hill my legs were shaking and my arms were tired, but you don't need much strength to push a shutter button.

Road Bike Action - PortfolioThe last shot I got in the issue was of the Governator and Cipollini, the meeting of their glamorous personalities. I try to remember not to get too bored with podium shots because they're easier to get published. It's pretty easy to pay attention, though, when those two are on stage.

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