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Update: I've setup an Imagekind gallery to place orders. You can order both framed and unframed. As I mentioned below, I'm willing to make _any_ photo I've taken available for prints, so feel free to contact me if you don't see the photo you want. I print a proof of every image at 8"x10" to verify quality before I upload to Imagekind. Also, the offer to sell at cost still stands, though you have to e-mail me first.

My friend Al has hooked me up with some studio space to hang some photos. It will be a mixture of the some of the pro events (Tour of California/Missouri/etc) that I've done plus photos of local athletes from NCNCA events. I've avoided doing prints until now, but since I'm biting the bullet I'll extend the offer to you all: if you would like a print of any of my photos, cycling or otherwise, send me an e-mail and we'll work something out:

I'll do the first couple at cost -- we're talking professionally framed, conservation-quality prints. If there's ample interest, I may try to make some money to fund more cycling expeditions. I'm shamefully posting my promo sheet here as a reminder of some of my work from this year:


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Ken, your work is excellent. I might buy a print or two after the New Year as a collectible -- you're the next Graham Watson! :-)

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