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LighthouseI get asked from time to time how I select the spots that I shoot. There are some tricks that use, but really you only get to choose the first spot you shoot. If you're not part of the race caravan, you're forced to drive around the race, so you can really only stop at points where you can find a road that intersects the course ahead. Thus, you can choose the first spot that you shoot, and from there it all falls out fairly naturally what you get to shoot. If there's something I really want to get a shot of, it often means that I'll bet my entire day's reel on that one location. Such is the case with tomorrow's route: it's only 2.5-3 hours long, so I'll have to head to the finish immediately after my first stop.

As for figuring out where that spot may be, there's a variety of ways of figuring it out:

  • luck, e.g. driving past it on your way to somewhere else
  • previous experience with the route
  • other people telling you about cool spots
  • big KOMs
  • Google searches, e.g. name of town + "bridge" if there's a river. Image search will often show you a photo of that bridge

For tomorrow, I'm relying on a combination of luck + other people. While driving around Tybee Island, I decided to tail some Slipstream riders to see where they were headed. We came upon a lighthouse and I decided in my touristy nature that I'd get a shot. Later, while talking to some people about good spots for tomorrow's route, someone mentioned that there was a lighthouse on the course. While I originally wanted to get some nice river delta shots framed, I couldn't find any good vantage points in my brief survey. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon you'll see a new version of the lighthouse above with riders in front.

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I'd love to get some shots against Ft. Pulaski. It wouldn't necessarily be dramatic (the fort is sort of stout and low against the marsh horizon), but it would help give context to the area they're moving through.

(Traffic should be fun tomorrow. That road is the only way in/out of Tybee.)


I was worried about too much backlight for Pulaski -- I also wanted some good reed-filled photos, but I couldn't locate a good spot

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