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I met Dan Smith of SportVelo at stage 3 of the Tour of California. I checked out the cool PowerTaps he and his clients had on their bikes. He checked out some of the photos I took at the race. In his recent Web site update, regular readers may recognize the photos on the current news and the tips for success pages.

One great plug deserves another -- I haven't worked with Dan personally, but he and my old personal trainer Al Painter (2005 CitySports Magazine Best Bay Area Personal Trainer) have partnered up to deliver a great one-two punch for SF Bay Area cyclists. Dan runs a coaching program for cyclists that will take care of what you need to do on the bike; Al runs a cyclist-specific strengthening program at LATS that will make sure you have strong muscles and balance.

From my personal experience, I can strongly say that Al's functional fitness program will help you whether or not you're a cyclist and several Alto Velo cyclists who have worked with him would agree. About two years ago I injured my back badly enough that I lost use of my left leg for a week. I hired Al as a personal trainer and he took me from barely being able to walk to being able to do a two hour road ride earlier today. The partnership between Al and Dan will give you a great integrated approach to your cycling training that's hard to match.

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