Basso to Discovery

San Franscisco Grand Prix-77

"It's done" -- Lance Armstrong

After much speculation over whether or not Discovery Channel would sign a prominent rider under a cloud of suspicion, Basso will now be trading red and white for blue and grey. I'm a little surprised: Basso was cleared, but he steadfastly refused to submit to DNA sampling that would have definitively cleared him. I'm not saying that Basso is guilty for not submitting DNA; I'm just surprised that Discovery -- one of the few teams not impacted by Operation Puerto -- would sign him without such a test.

Basso to Discovery Channel

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Just found your blog off a post from sportvelo via the alto velo list. I'm poking through your archives and it's good reading.

Hope to see you on an AV ride sometime!


Hey erik,

Thanks for stopping by -- I appreciate your comment. I'm working my way up to an AV ride one of these days, but I don't quite got the legs yet ;).


Hehe. Just join up on the Saturday B ride, I do those and there are a range of riders.

btw, did you hear that Levi Leipheimer is gonna be @ Lombardi in SF on the 18th?


B ride sounds good. Maybe when the weather is less... Alaskan :).

Thanks for the Levi info. I'll post it here to help spread the news.

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