'Attempted' dopers suck

Dopers SuckIf there's ever anything I've heard that makes me want to stock up on extra pairs of Dopers Suck socks its Basso's new defense, which is about the craziest f#$ing thing I've ever heard. Basso is now claiming that he is only guilty of 'attempted' doping as he never used the banked blood (the Clinton inhale defense). His "crisis of conscience" was more of an indigestion of conscience, barely letting out a suppressed burp. The defense is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that the Operacion Puerto evidence that Basso was presented with should quickly unravel it (quoting from cyclingnews):

2) Two telephone recordings from May 13 and 14 made by DS Ignacio Labarta to Fuentes. "Birillo had arrived with Simoni at sixteen seconds," was said on May 13 according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. This referred to Giro d'Italia stage seven, won by Rik Verbrugghe, where Basso finished 16 seconds back with Gilberto Simoni, Davide Rebellin and Serguei Gonchar. The next day another recording, "A certain Ivan Basso won." Basso was now first overall with José Enrique Gutierrez (Phonak) second. "Friend, you have... a first and a second."

3) A fax, outlined in page 15 of the dossier, that was sent from Fuentes to Nelson Giraldo Flores (in Colombia) in the days leading up to the "festival Mayo" (or Giro d'Italia). Fuentes wrote, "As per our agreement, I am sending a list of collaborators and participants in the festival that takes place in May;" going on to ask Colombian Flores for "help and collaboration." It listed riders Basso, Marco Serrano, Michele Scarponi, Gutierrez and Jan Ullrich (spelled with one "l" in the fax) without the use of code names.

4) An agenda with a schedule of blood extractions and transfusions since 2004. In the agenda the pseudonyms 'Birillo' and '2' are use

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