Team Disco resigns from AIGCP

Johan Bruyneel apparently didn't like the latest meeting of the Association International Group of Cycling Professionals (AIGCP) and has removed Discovery from the membership rolls:

"I no longer feel confident that this group can lead our sport and represent our Team in a positive manner. It became clear at our most recent meeting that the goals and objectives among the teams are very different and I do not want to continue to be a part of such contentious and unprofessional meetings," said Sport Director Johan Bruyneel.

Hard to know what precisely pissed off Bruyneel, but the VeloNews summary of last week's meeting does narrow it to the Puerto elephant in the room. VeloNews also had this quote:

"Any team not respecting the ethics code will be excluded from the AIGCP," said Patrick Lefevere, president of the professional teams association.

Quitting is one way of not being excluded. Perhaps Bruyneel was worried because Discovery is still carrying three Liberty Seguros/Astana riders on its riders: Sergio Paulinho, Allan Davis and Alberto Contador were initially linked and then officially cleared by Spanish officials. Then again, Bruyneel also had this to say:

"We need to become a unified group for our sport to reach a higher level but everyone is not willing to do that and AIGCP President Patrick Lefevere is not to blame. He has shown great leadership and insight while presiding over this group, however, the same cannot be said of all members."

We should be able to put together the pieces soon -- Discovery's withdrawal from AIGCP seems timed to arrive just before tomorrow's big UCI/Pro Tour team pow-wow. The meeting is expected to included a listing of riders to be excluded from this year's Tour.

Press Release @ Road Mag

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