Rooly Sunglasses Part I: Rooly Proz Review

Liz Hatch - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Guest Blogger: Al Painter, Integrate Fitness

Southern California sunglasses manufacturer Rooly is probably the best kept secret in the eyewear industry. Their products are used by Major League baseball players, professional skiers, golfers and snowboarders as well Olympic track athletes and elite level endurance athletes. And, of course, professional cyclists like Tony Cruz and Taylor Tolleson of BMC as well as Liz Hatch of Vanderkitten, who was showing off her pink frames on the Laguna Seca race course.

Rooly came out to Sea Otter to showcase their wares so took the opportunity to give some of the lenses a spin.

Rooly Proz Sunglassesrooly proz.jpg

$109, glossy black, matte black, matte chrome, interchangeable lenses

First up was the Rooly Proz, which are part of their "Fashion Performance" line. The Proz feature an interchangeable lens system allowing you to adapt the glasses to whatever light conditions necessary. They feature lightweight, polycarbonate Trinine frames. I found changing the polycarbonate lenses to be a breeze -- "husband proof" as my wife called it.

While the lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, they didn't seem to fit the same way after the initial swap. They also tended to sit higher on the nose and didn't seem as snug a fit. However they didn't fall off, slide or jiggle with activity, so don't let fit issues be a deal breaker that gets in the way of owning a high quality pair of eyewear. You can also try the larger Prospect frame.

Each pair also includes additional yellow lenses for low light conditions and zippered neoprene case.

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