Sea Otter Classic 2009 Gallery: Women's Circuit Race

Jo Kiesanowski - (c) Ken Conley
Vanderkitten - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley


The conditions weren't quite right for good race photos: heavily backlit course (at least the interesting half), pretty tame racing, and lousy photographer. A fairly small field (~40 riders) meant that the pack stayed together most of the race, with the real fireworks happening in the closing laps. Jo Kiesanowski outsprinted fellow breakaway companion Catherine Cheatley (Colavita) to take the stage for TIBCO. Colavita and TIBCO had been battling all Sea Otter with Colavita taking the spoils, but TIBCO took the final prize.

In the spirit of offering advice to fellow photographers -- and not at all criticizing riders who are suffering their butts off -- I will say that it sucks to take photos when a race isn't full on: riders don't take predictable lines and they also bunch up. There's not much you can do about it, except to be prepared.

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