Sea Otter: Pro Circuit Race Men

IMG_5400 Daniel Ramsey, race winner


IMG_5136This year's Sea Otter circuit race was a bit pared down due to the Tour de Georgia and the riders were greeted with a rain-delayed start and messy course. Successful Living's Daniel Ramsey and Cal Giant's Andy Jacques-Maynes decided to make the most of it by going on the attack. For awhile it was a comfortable break as the field gave little chase -- some fans implored the peloton to give chase.

As the rain on the course evaporated into steam, the race began to pick up. Ramsey and Jacques-Maynes were caught and Jacques-Maynes was quickly shelled. From my vantage point, it seemed that Jelly Belly's Alex Candalario was putting in big efforts as I seem to have photo after photo of him on the front.

Alex Candelario Alex Candelario

Team Successful Living had the better tactical position as they had plenty of riders up front -- as many as four at times. Of all his teammates, somehow Ramsey had the legs to attack the group and from there he built up a huge lead. He rolled into the final straightaway with over two minutes on his chasers and gave Successful Living a well deserved win and KOM.

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I have posted 2 mens circuit photos on the sea otter video page and gave you a link. Can you post this link as well?:
There are also lots of archived videos if you havent seen them located on the media page.
Thanks Let me know if we can work together.


I've been meaning to check out your coverage ever since I spotted your Redlands stuff. Thanks.

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