To those of you looking for Tour de France Videos...

Update: for those of you looking for 2005 Tour clips, you can go to OLN's Daily Video page

I went through my server logs tonight and there seem to be several people looking for a video of Beloki's crash in stage 15, and somehow my site seems to come up in Google's search engine. That being the case, my advice to you folks is to visit OLN's 2003 Tour de France Video Clips page, and they have a clip of most of the important moments of he tour. Unfortunately, they only have streaming clips.

If this annoys you, you can try using Stream Down to save the video to your machine. The procedure is a bit complicated: * you need to right click on the video link (I suggest using the Windows Media version) * select "save link as" * open the saved file in a text editor * snarf the URL starting with mms:// * paste this into Stream Down

Got that?

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