Tour de France Stage 17: Dax-Bordeaux

stage profile

Ten got away at the starting line and stayed away. Luttenberger was the only GC threat in the breakaway, and the peloton only gave chase long enough to prevent him from jumping into the top ten.

With 16km to go Knaven went off the front. The rest of the lead group broke down into a series of individual attacks from the likes of Garcia Acosta and Van Bon, but in the end no one could bridge the gap and the chase group remained too disorganized to close the 20-35 second gap that Knaven was maintaining and Knaven got the stage win.

The last big battle of the day was for the final three sprint points. McEwen took two and Zabel took one - both riders are within very close striking distance of Cooke, which should provide the main excitement in the coming stages.

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