Stage 19: Besancon Individual Time Trial

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Stage 19 was all about Armstrong and his team. His teammates, including Ekimov, Landis, and Azevedo, all set excellent time checks in front of him, and when Armstrong came through his legs were moving at an unbelievable cadence. By the time the first time check came through, there was no question that Armstrong was going to win, but with the last individual time trial stage, there rarely is (it took unbelievably treacherous conditions last year to stop him).

There were other stories today as well. Karpets put in a strong showing, and, as expected, Voeckler relinquished the white jersey going into Paris. I'm sure that Voeckler's tank was pretty empty by now.

Kloden and Ullrich both put in impressive showings. Ullrich was stronger going out, but Kloden continued to improve over the course and, most importantly, put in enough time over Basso to jump on one position on the podium. Basso finished in sixth for the stage, which left little room for an Ullrich miracle; for the first time Ullrich will not finish standing next to Armstrong on the podium. * Stage 19 Summary (VeloNews) * Stage 19 Results (VeloNews) * Stage 19 Live Coverage (Daily Peloton) * Stage 19 Photo Gallery (Graham Watson) * The Jambon Report � Stage 19 (Daily Peloton)

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