Stage 20: Montereau - Paris

stage 20 profile

Stage 20 was more fashion and style rather than racing. Armstrong broke out the gold Giro helmet and yellow spokes, and his teammates raced their Postal blues with the addition of yellow trimming. McEwen did some wheelies, Beltran borrowed a motorcycle helmet, and champagne was had by all, including some shared between Armstrong and Ullrich.

There was the usual amount of posing at the front of the peloton and photographs being taken. Simeoni tried to spoil the party as his legal feud with Armstrong has spilled onto the race course, but he was reeled back in.

Boonen won the stage as his team set him up well and McEwen managed enough sprint points to keep the green jersey.

Voeckler, having lost both the yellow and the white jerseys, was awarded a "Prix Orange" award by the press for most sympathetic rider, and his performance will certainly be anticipated in years to come. He had tried to take part in the breakaways on the Champs �lys�es, but there was too much pull by the sprinter setup, including some turns at the front by Ullrich, so Voeckler had to finish with the pack.

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