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Several thoughts before bed:

  • At this point in time I'm more inclined to believe Landis than not, for the mere fact that it seems that the testosterone/epitestosterone test seems too easy for cyclists to circumvent (see this Malcolm Gladwell post (via)). This isn't to say I don't think Landis doesn't dope -- I withhold my judgement -- but if he did, I don't see this being the way he gets caught.

  • I was fairly impressed with the Landis press conference, in that he didn't make a whole lot of excuses or outlandish explanations. Also, the not-lying-to-your-Mennonite-mother defense is much better than swearing-on-your-dead-dog's-grave defense.

  • ESPN thought Tiger Woods' preparations for the British Open were more newsworthy than Landis' epic stage 17 win and relegated his overall win to the sidebar for a photo of Woods winning the British Open, but now the Landis scandal is worthy of full front-page-big-photo glory -- it must be a slow news day. I'm also annoyed by all the sports pundits who now seem to think this confirms cycling as the dirtiest sport, ignoring the fact that Barry Bonds continues to swing away for a record.

  • Greg Lemond is also really annoying. We get it. You could have won a lot more Tour de Frances. Back in your day you didn't have to dope. You don't like Lance. Hinault cheated you (though, really, you think someone is going to give up his chance at a fifth Tour victory to help you out?). Now stop trying to bring down the entire sport.

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